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    That Records in 3D

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Yes, we said 3D.

It feels like you’re there.

Relive your first skydive or your latest biking trip. Show your friends exactly what it felt like to camp out at the music festival. When you record in 3D, you aren’t just recording a video, you are recording the experience.

That’s awesome, how do I get one?

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  • See the Difference

    Check out what happened when Ryan Knapton got a hold of a Vitrima Lens prototype. Put on your VR headset to check it out. For more videos, visit our YouTube Channel.

    Don't have a VR headset? We're giving some out for free.

How does the lens work?

Short answer: mirror magic and brain tricks.

You see depth because you have two eyes*. Vitrima uses mirrors to create two different images for your left and right eyes. When you watch the video through a VR headset your brain puts the two images together into a 3D experience. Thanks brain!

*Don’t believe us? Try catching a baseball with one eye closed.

Coming soon: Vitrima for your mobile phone

Get The Most From Your Lens

  • Waterproof

    Vitrima lens is ready to go anywhere. Attach it to your surfboard or take it wakeboarding.

  • Ready to Mount

    Vitrima Lens comes attached to a standard GoPro® Camera housing. Connect it to any of your mounts.

  • No Software

    Your videos are ready to watch in 3D instantly. You can even live stream in 3D!

  • Portable

    Don’t get tied down with tons of extra gear. Just add Vitrima Lens to your pack and you’re ready to go.